Monday, September 7, 2009

Color my world.

This is a fun LO I put together of my DD it is for the SPCC color challenge but it has a twist- some First I photoshopped the picture to look like a sketch then I added the "magic" of color.
One pic doesn't show it all so I've added a couple in. I love interactive pages I hope my DD will love them too!


  1. Dolly I LOVE IT!!! I'm not even gonna ask how you do that...but boy is it neat! Love the heart & vines too! Great work girl!

  2. This is awesome how clever...I love it ...

  3. Thank you so much! I've actually changed it ...will post the (hoping) improvements soon.

  4. omg look at big & beautiful she is Doll :) I am SO proud :))))))))))))))

  5. This is actually an OLD photo Nessa...back when she was first starting to eat...Like back in February LOL...Thank you though!


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