Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another little batch of LOs

First up is a LO of my DD just being herself. :)

Next up is a LO of DD headed out for trick or treating...not the greatest pics because of the lighting in the hall but I still love the pics! She has that look on her face like "Is this much clothing REALLY necessary??" LOL

This next LO is a very proud moment for's of DD with a magnetic alphabet set I bought her. She just loves Word World so I bought the letters for her to play with while watching her show. I sat with her and the word on the show was XRAY so I asked her for the X and she gave it to me, I asked for the R and she found that and handed it to me, same for the AY...I was a little taken aback but thought it was because she has seen the show (many times-it's her fave!)
Soon after I thought some of the letters were missing so one by one I asked for the letters of the alphabet and one by one she gave them to me correctly! SHOCKED didn't even cover how I felt...Amazed was more like it! She only started saying more words and here she knew the whole alphabet! I'm still amazed!

This last layout took a long time but was so much fun to make! It's using my PTI button Boutique stamps as frames to do a year in review LO of my DD's first year.

Monday, March 21, 2011

More Layouts

Now that I have some ink for my 'puter I am catching up on some LOs.
This first one is DD playing with her Elefun...I thought she might
get frustrated not being able to catch any but she could care less she just is in it for the fun!
This is a SG sketch (big surprise eh?)

This next one is also a SG sketch of DD and her Daddy playing with the Thomas the Train set she got for Christmas.

This one is when we started a new Christmas tradition of building a gingerbread house with DD it was fun!

Last but not least is another SG sketch of DD and Daddy when she was little...I love these pics!

I'll have more to post tomorrow hopefully! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

PTI button Boutique and Kerri Bradford's cutting files

Oh I had fun with this own design just playing with my button boutique stamps and a couple Kerri Bradford cutting files.
What a blast!

Monday, March 14, 2011

PTI +Ali all mixed up.

I did this LO with my new PTI button Boutique stamps, I used an Ali sketch but changed it up. I don't have ink at the moment so I photoshopped in the pics and will add some journaling and embellies when I do print off the pics.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some new stuff.

I should start by saying that the pics have been put into the LO digitally but the LOs are complete...I need to do some photo printing.
This first LO is one that came by accident. One of the gals asked what a blind challenge was and I explained it's a LO described to you...then I gave an example...just for fun I did up my own example and this is what it looked like.

Next up is a LO that I did with some recent pics...we've been waiting for snow to use this fabulous sled that my BIL made for my DD for's a BEAUT! here's the LO I used an Ali sketch but changed it up added a mini book for the additional pics because I liked this sketch for sledding. :)

This last one is one that I did trying to fill in the gaps in my albums. I thought this one was done already but it wasn't.
Thanks for looking!!
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