Thursday, December 2, 2010

More random postings

First I have this one that I forgot to share. Just one of DD playing around in her ice cream truck. That's an Ali sketch.
And another here where I converted to a one page LO, This one is DD sitting on the balcony...she doesn't get to go out there by herself because it's too dangerous being up so high with chairs etc. out there so she felt like a big girl on this day and she looks so grown up too sitting there!

This one is just one of my own of those pics that never got scrapped that I decided to get's the first snow of the year and I quickly did this pic! LOL

And now we have the current...My first pages of my Dec. daily. I decided yesterday that I would use an old post bound album I was one of my first ever and I didn't really use it as it is not true 12X12, it will be fine for this project I think! This is DD and I tackling Christmas ornaments...she did a fabulous job! Okay I look horrid so ignore me and look at DD! LOL

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shhhh...DH's Christmas present!

this is a floating frame I did up for my DH for Christmas using an ....wait for it...LOL...Allison Davis sketch :) It's from the sketch support class I took. The frame is not what I really wanted size wise but this was the closest to a 12X24 I could get at my Michael's it's a 16X20. Ali did one in class and it was 10X26 but my stores had nothing like that. I did some adjusting to my pics from the original sketch. I trimmed my 4X6s on the top a bit, trimmed down my 6X4 on the far left top-because I had the added length in height I didn't use smaller pics but larger on the bottom. I LOVE how this turned out. PS the picture is with a carpet behind it just so it would show up a bit. Due to the fact that the frame is very thin I only used paper heart buttons for the flowers, I wasn't going to add any embellie because I did want the flowers but I couldn't think of a flower center and couldn't have them nakie! Then I remembered my sizlets dies for buttons! Yippeee! I also added some Making memories metal words because they were perfect for this...two of them I had to sand the original paint off them because it was a turquoisey green...totally didn't go in my opinion. Remember you can click on the pic to get it bigger!
I think I'm hooked and want to make more of these! Hopefully I will eventually find a more rectangular frame like the 10X26 one that Ali had found.
Thanks for Looking! :)Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Scrapbook Generations Layouts and a card.

First a little card to put you in the holiday spirit...are you feeling it yet? I am just getting into the mood after purchasing some of my family gifts...still have the hubby and DD to shop for but it's nice to get the majority of the family's stuff done.

Okay onto the Layouts I'm trying to catch up on posting these so I can get them into my albums.
This first one is DD playing in the park on a warm evening back in September...I love that her free spirit shows in these pictures! I pretty much followed the sketch on this's from Book Six. I did however add some word stickers (that I love!) to it. I probably would have stitched that circle but it stood out pretty good do to the contrast. I may go back and do it anyway...a girl has a right to change her mind after all! I did add stitching to the Title and stickles too! There is journaling on the back of the tag telling DD how much fun Daddy and I had with her and the date.

Next up is DD in her Halloween costume ...entitled "Tinkerbell" :) I made the title and backed it with double sided tape and then put the back on and then applied glitter to the top and then rubbed it in. I further embellished with some Somerset 3D stickers. This Layout is from the August 2010 free downloadable sketch you can find on Ali's blog you can find it on the right hand side under downloads (Printable sketches)
I changed up the two smaller pics on the top left and the bottom right and put in a 5X3.5" pic in each of those two spots, I also left off the strips of paper on the left side of the LO and substituted them with a nice Zva rhinestones which might be hard to see in my pic (click on the picture of the LO to enlarge) but I wanted to add to the "Pixie Hollow" feel like a forest. I also added a little punched border to give it a more feminine feel. I took some perfect pearls and mixed them with water and then took a toothbrush and flicked on spots all over the black Background paper to give the look of fairy dust. I also added some large glitter chunks that fell off the Prima butterfly and some bling! Therefore I wrote my journaling in a metallic gel pen so as to add to and not cover up too much of the effect. I added a quote from her Tinkerbell book "Always follow your dreams" and layered it up a bit too. That is a long description for this LO but I hope you can appreciate all the added little details.

And one more LO using that same sketch...only this time I added a ton of handmade flowers that I made to look like Dandelions, DD picked them all summer long...every time she went out for a walk. And I added one other handmade flower for fun and for contrast.

And I will leave you with that today...I have more to come yet! Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 19, 2010

More Scrapbook Generation sketches

:) Of course more SG sketches...can you tell I love them?? I love them even more since I took Ali's sketch support class! So here's one from book 3 I did. I took these pics of DD...I just wanted a photo with her glasses on but she got all DIVA on me LOL Hence the first pic with her hand up to the camera! LOL I used less pics than the sketch called for...I knew that embellie would take up room. I had all the title and embellies made a while back and nothing was jiving so I put it to the side. I made that embellie up myself on my Silhouette...LOVE it! So much fun to do!

This next one is one I LOVE! I converted the two page sketch to a one pager-Ali did this one in class and I thought it turned out so sharp I wanted to give it a go! A perfect one pic page I thought! Of course I did different embellies and less of them because I had made this journal box up for this LO a while ago and "felt" it until the other day when it came together (I love this one!) ...and how can you not love this pic...I just want to give her a big squeeze every time I see it...she was having a meltdown over having a Glass Christmas ball taken away from her while we were trimming the tree. Poor little Boo Bear!

As always you can click on the pics to make them bigger and THANKS for popping in to have a look!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A couple More Scrapbook Generations Sketches

I have a bunch of stuff I need to organize and photograph that I have done recently so I'll start with these two that are hot off the sketches LOL. The first one is when DD first got her Jumperoo...she looked so cute and very happy with it. I changed up the pic sizes and to compensate I moved around the papers a bit, this one is from my New Volume 4 Sketchbook!And without further ado... I give you..."JUMP BABY!"

Next up is a LO from last year...I wanted to do the December Daily and had it all laid out and then my comp. crashed with all my journaling so I am just getting around to doing this now. It's us preparing for Christmas, putting up the tree.
This is also an Ali Davis/Debbie Saunders sketch it's from the Volume six sketch book...I took and altered up the sketch and I hid my journaling (which if you know me you know I love to do!) I put it under the little snowman...which was off of one of DD's gifts so I thought that was cool that she will be able to read swings open on a brad and I created a back so I could do my journaling. The wreath and the little vine is some wired Garland I bought that I thought was cool. The papers are an mix of 7 Gypsies, Tim Holtz (Lost and found), Graphic 45. and Bo Bunny. :)If the picture appears blurry to you it's actually a photoshopped pic to look dreamy. :) So here it is..."Deck the Halls"

Like I said...I have more so I'll be back soon!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some random stuff...

So I finally got ink for my printer again...going to try not to run out of ink again...of course I can blame Allison Davis and her mom, Debbie Sanders, for that LOL! if their sketches didn't make it so fun and easy to make LOs I wouldn't need ink so frequently. :) Okay so on with the LOs.
First we have "First Smile"...just a fun little page I put together...wanted to make the chandalier. This was a pic I have scrapped in other misc. collage type LOs in the past but I wanted it all on it's own since it is one of my favorite pics...DD smiling at about a week old and then she gave me big smiles every morning after that when I came to get her out of her crib.

Next is just a couple of pictures that I needed to get scrapped...I am trying to get my books caught up so I have to go back and chronologically fill some of the gaps. I was happy how this LO turned out in the end!! Who says less is more?? Sometimes More is More!

Again this is another photo I had scrapped in my DD's first month page but never scrapped it on it's own and since it was the first time she rolled over it was important and needed it's own page so there you have it!

Next we have one of the Allison Davis (Debbie Saunders) Sketches that I did a long while ago but needed to print the pics for...I actually have quite a few more in my pile of "to print" pages on my desk.
I cut all the trees and fences with my Silhouette, everything is nice and inky too :)
This page was all about how DD pronounces the different animal sounds...she can't talk but there is just about no animal she can't make the sound for! LOL

And then we have this one...fresh off the press, it was for my final week of Ali's sketch support class, I converted the sketch to a one pager and flipped it on it's head and added many finishing touches to it...basically I had fun with it! I couldn't resist taking this pic of my DD because her hat was POPPING off LOL but she still looks adorable don't you think?? I mean how can you resist that smile?!

Thanks for looking!! Have a fabulous day and I'm sure I will have more to post real soon...I just have to sort through and more importantly I want to get some scrapping done because I just got my new sketch books- book 5,4, and 3!!! YIPPEEEE!! Here's hoping I get several dozen out of them as I did with book 6! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Ali 2 page sketch goes to a one pager

I have to fool with the embellishments once I actually print off my pics- I just placed them in with photoshop so I could load them in the class gallery and so I thought I may as well share here too. The red in the letters is much more an orange red then it appears. TFL!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Converting Ali Davis' sketch to one page again.

I have done this same sketch half before...I like it! I changed up the shape of the die cut this time and journaled around the die cut. I also hand stitched the heart as well as inking the edge. I made both the blue flowers myself.
Again I had to photoshop in the pics so obviously the flower will sit atop the middle picture.
Thanks for taking a peek!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Cherry On Top Blog Award

I was SO flattered when I opened Trudi's blog this morning to see that she passed along a blog award to me...ME! Trudi is a highly inspiring scrapper and friend that I follow in my reader, she is one of my Aussie pals Smile I love everything she does...she has a fabulous way with layering! Thanks Trudi for passing along this first!

O.K so the rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person that passed it to you - Thank You're too sweet girl!

2. Copy the award to your blog.

3. Share three things about yourself that you enjoy doing.

4. Pass the award to 5 others.

Three things I enjoy doing eh?
1. Well one is snuggling my little gal! She is my greatest joy...I love her to infinity and beyond!
2. scrapping- especially learning new techniques!
3. Spending time with my family playing...taking walks...just spending time together.

And now I would love to share with you these blogs I enjoy...I hope that by passing there names along I am not disturbing any of their creative time because I rely on the inspiration I get from their blogs! Please click on each gal's name to a direct link to their blog!

Allison Davis I think I may have mentioned my love for Ali's sketches and her blog and I am LOVING her class that I am currently taking. She's a sweetie too!

Gabrielle Pollacco Gabi is just fabulous for sharing fantastic tutorials out in cyber space!

Everyone who knows me knows that I love Tim Holtz and his style...I'm sure you all know where to find his blog and he knows he fabulous so while I would love to pass an award onto him, I think that he is busy enough without me interrupting his schedule LOL but someone who does lovely work very much in the style of Tim is the very talented Linda Cain

Veronica Goh scrappy chic I find Veronica highly inspiring, again she is a master of layering beautifully!

Tara Orr Another gal who's style I love!

Please take a moment to peek in on Trudi's blog won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poor lighting and I had to photoshop the pics in...and the title came out crooked but hopefully you will get the idea.
My journaling is hidden journaling that will pull out via an arrow that will point at the first 4X6 photo on the Left(it will be under the pic) and will read:
"Even at two, you have your own sense of have always LOVED Dad's hats and you wear them backwards so I got you your own hat and you wear it backwards and it looks Adorable on you!! Yep...You got style kiddo!"
I made the little owl, inked him and pop dotted him up and stuck him on a piece of Christmas foliage I had in my stash. He is in the colors of the owl on her coat.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Ali Sketch class LO

I challenged myself and I converted this one into a one pager...the butterflies are the actual butterflies cut off the onsie that a friend gave us. LOL

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Ali Davis sketch class LO

Just got this one done...I made up my own die cut paper of an open book.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

getting ready to move, sorry for the delay

I'm sorry for the big gap in posts...I found out we are moving. I'm preparing for a BD party and I've been doing Ali Davis' online Sketch Support class.
I'm out of ink again...but I tried to photoshop in pics over my LO that is all done except for adding the doing so I covered up some of the title and part of the embellishments I was able to Photoshop in one of the embellies but that was a good as I could get it! Hope you get the idea of the LO anyway.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've been quiet lately

But I have been scrapping I just haven't taken pics yet. I will eventually flood my blog LOL but for now here's one I did for Scrapping outback for their "Twilight" crop a class that Trudi did called "Breathtaking". I didn't have any of the supplies used in the kit so I had to make up my own gate with several cutting files put together, same with the lamp post I made up my own to mimic the one in the kit. All the stickles are diamond though on the black in the photo they turned out looking copper.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Childhood Memories ...A Southern Outback Challenge.

I did this LO for a challenge issued at SO from Joanne to "think outside the square" and do a non square LO I hand cut the paper from two other papers I used as templates and traced. Then as a personal challenge I used my new Hero Arts stamp and stamped and embossed the inner circle of beige CS then sprayed with my Glimmermist (Key Lime Pie)that I had won from Mandy at the last crop at SO. LOL I also included the original stick that DD had in the picture. DD now knows that she is NOT allowed to move about with sticks on the playground but she still loves to dig with them LOL. Fun challenge...I wanted to do up this pic for a little while since I did all the other pics in an Ali LO.

Another Double Ali LO

I am soooo loving these sketches...still! This is the same day as the last LO but pics with Mom...just found it easy to divide them that way to break them down into manageable amounts of photos :)Don't look at the pics of me...just look at my cute gal! LOL Made the balloon template title myself with my silhouette.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Playing in the Park LO

Another Ali double...done! I'm still having such a blast with the sketches!! There is another double from this same day, needing to be done now, of me playing with DD.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Todays Layout.

Today I'm trying something that I hadn't really thought of since I started scrapping my daughter's pages.If I do inky I do vintage....or else I just go with the bright girly colors with no ink or maybe the ink color I am working with (blue usually or pink LOL or green). Here's the scoop...I saw the most lovely set of Layouts over at My Creative Scrapbook which were done by the UBER talented Mommy5X...she has the most lovely inky style- they are rich and deep. Yes those of you that know me know I love my ink but what I never thought to do is what she does...she does these beautiful Layouts and she uses ink with these beautiful Brilliant papers. I have always thought more along the lines of "vintage" when I think of inking. I never really thought about adding them to bright papers DUH!! so I gave it a whirl...what do you think??

I just realized you can't read the journaling it reads...
"Whether it happens to be watching Baby Einstein, reading a book or playing a game...being together is always... [TIME WELL SPENT]"
This is a twist on many levels on an Ali sketch...for some reason I thought the photos called for were horizontal and they weren't they were vertical (rolling eyes at myself) also when I went to print the pics, they wanted to cut off the photoshopping I had done (my printer likes to crop and I didn't want them cropped so I had to put the white border and then cut it off in order to leave the detail. So the pics are going a different way and they are a different size, however I think it still has great flow and Ali would be the first to tell you YOU CAN ADAPT THE SKETCH!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New LO

It's a lift of Gabrielle's.
This is DD and I snuggling and listening to Michael Buble...her FAVE. I played it for her when I was pregnant all the time especially when I was trying to get her to turn around. Anytime she is cranky all I have to do is throw on the "Bubbles" and give her some cuddles! I should mention I had to Photoshop in the pics which is why the embellies are under and not over the pics...out of ink!

A couple LOs to share.

Here's a couple LOs I did that didn't get shared yet.

Had fun with this one, I embossed the stripes in my cuttlebug swiss dots folder and the flower...I actually cut the corner out of it for a more 3D effect. I love that smile!
This one is this last years Christmas with Santa pic! I really liked working on this's all bits and pieces of leftover papers and just a snip of the prima ribbon (??? for lack of a better word)Two small 3/4 or so inch snip of this K&Co. ribbon stuff I've been hoarding that Debbie gave me years ago!!
I love the berries they look like they have frost on them! The Chipboard title I traced on CB because I didn't know how it would turn out and I didn't want to ruin the beautiful Title that Tammy gave me.
Then I painted it and then covered it in tissue paper then I stickled it. I like the effect and the tissue I was saving for some perfect project like this!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

I did this LO for the MME sketch Challenge, Here's the sketch

And here is my LO :)Sheesh the MME one came out big compared to on the LO to zoom in if you like! It's My little gal having a blast at the waterpark...she makes me giggle nearly the whole time! Uses Bloom and Grow and some more of the papers from my HOME them! I made the Silhouette cutting file myself after seeing something similar and not being able to find out who made the die cut I just cut my own!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new LO-A lift

I did this as a challenge over at My Creative Scrapbook to do a lift of a DT members work. I did this one of Delaina's because she had done a step by step showing how she used the smaller die cut shapes and a light bulb went off for me...I can cut these shapes on the sil but since they won't cut at 12X12 I figured I had little use for them except for journal I can use some pretty papers and still save the design of the paper I want! The title is a sil cut, the heart/flower shape and the bracket shape are from UK scrappers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alls I got is 3 cards to share today.

Didn't get a LO done, just the three cards one for Gloria's Challenge on CDNscrapswapChat site and two for the Scrapping Outback challenge that Jule's put on.
I don't consider myself a card maker so you need not leave a comment telling me so LOL!
Gloria's Challenge

Jule's Challenge

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another day and another LO! :)

Another LO from an Ali sketch...I think I may actually need more of these books....need some variety :)
At any rate this LO is one of DD in her jumperoo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another days worth of pics scrapped!

his LO was for a challenge on Scrapping outback...usually I just hang with my Aussie girls and scrap at the crops but I never seem to get the monthly challenges done. Well this month Julie put up the perfect challenge, with all the Ali Sketches I've been doing I am left with LOs that are 1,2, 3 and even some 4 pic LOs to do so since the sketch was for 3 pics I took advantage of that fact and did up this LO. The little You're a Winner Chipboard piece was from Scrapping Outback that I won during a crop.

Then while I was scrapping in the Outback...I did Jane's challenge- Baby card thank you's with a paper piecing and stamping and some blue.

I'm actually going to see if I can get all the challenges accomplished...that would be something for me! LOL

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A quick Layout and something special I did up.

First the quick LO not that it's not special, it is too but you'll see in a minute what I was trying to say...these pics are really old, so I wanted to get them done so I could fill up the gap in DDs first album! There will hopefully be more of these Layouts to come. :) These are two shots of DD with her Daddy on two days that were close together so I scrapped them together.The frame is a My Scrapchick cutting file.

Next up is a project I have been working on on the side, it's one of those things I just had to pick at as I needed tiny pieces, and frankly I'm not convinced it's totally finished there is a square or two I may still add to.
Here we go anyway....This is a? Shadow box? Curio shelf piece. I started by painting it red and then I crackled it...well I don't know why it didn't work so well but since it didn't crackle everywhere I took and sanded back the second coat of black paint to expose the red in spots. I was TOTALLY inspired to get this done when I finally found the Tim Holtz Lost and found's Exactly what I envisioned it to be in!! I actually have 2 to 3 more of these to do...anyway I'll just show you because the rest speaks for itself.
First the whole piece-

Next is all the close ups for you

The key represents DD holding the key to our hearts and being the "key" to the family we are. (see top with family and the Lock and heart)

Candlestick is representing DD being the light in our lives.
The little spool I hand made for the size I wanted, the spool is a spool album seen here

The colors on the dominoes represent red for DD (our heart) yellow and blue my DH and My favorite colors.

the Present charm opens to reveal a message for my DD
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