Monday, October 21, 2013

Tim's 12 tags of 2013

Okay I had to change up the look in colors and also in the glitter to get Tim's 12 tags of 2013 October tag done. I tried using the ripe persimmons and didn't have the seedless preserves to off set it, I tried pumice and persimmons but my pumpkin got lost in the Background, I had been wanting to try a pumice and black and white and pewter combo, I don't have the black in stain or paint so I just swiped my ink pad and then added the paints and then spritzed and swiped my tag. Then I did the black inking of the edges as Tim did...LOVED it! (on both tags it was awesome!) and then I stamped the Halloween blue print minis and some script. I then used paint (pumice) and stain (ripe persimmon) on my crinkle ribbon. My pumpkin embellishment- I did not have any colored glitter but I did have the rock candy and so I inked it and then added the glossy accents and then the Rock Candy glitter, then I brought the pumpkin to life with walnut stain ink on the edges.I do love how it turned out. Thanks for looking!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Creative Chemistry tags for Day 5.

Oh my I am having some fun I tell you! Today's class was all about embossing. So without further ado I share with you my tags for today (FUN STUFF!!) All of them together The close ups... Rusting technique Sticky Glitter Technique Shabby Chic Technique and a technique that tops all other techniques I have tried for this look... Chalkboard Technique. The man is a MASTER!! I have had SO much fun I can't even tell you! Thank you Tim! Thanks to Jennifer and Kristina for a site that hosts TOP QUALITY great classes!

Quick post of Creative Chemistry Day 4 pictures!

I have to post this quickly because I have an exciting Jam packed day of class with Tim to do still but I wanted to get this posted. If you are interested in Creative Chemistry 102 head over to You will have had to already taken Creative Chemistry 101 in order to take 102 but you can sign up for both right there! Okay so yesterday we worked with alcohol inks and here are my tags all together. (On these I did a little more than just technique because that's what Tim suggested and hey...when Tim speaks this girl perks up her ears to listen!) And the closeups of each tag are as follows... Faux Patina technique. Tinted Tinsel....unfortunately I did not have Tim's tinsel so I had to use what I had...which luckily worked out! Ombre technique, and again I did not have the proper alcohol ink colors so I had to work with the Alcohol inks I had. Monoprint technique. And last but not least a real favorite of mine, faded layers technique. and now I have to run and attend class! (I've watched it through once as I always do and now it's time to get down to bidness!) TFL!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Surprise!! CC102 Day 3

Phew! This is me caught up on my posts! Yippee! (and yeah to my rock candy finally cracking! LOL okay so here are my tags for was distress done differently. :D Today's techniques were.... Smudge stamping, brayered stains, photo tinting, faux cracked glass, Distress glitter Rock Candy, and then Distress glittering, which I did not get to do because I don't have any colored distress glitters yet. AND...I had a blast! and I'll probably spend the evening making cards if I get a chance to get over to my table. and closeups on a couple And then the icing on the cupcake LOL Thanks for stopping in! :D

Creative Chemistry 102 Day 2

Okay today was day 3 but I am posting day 2 pics today and I HOPE to have day 3 up after this...if only my crackle will DRY! LOL Okay but on Day 2 we played with layered stencils and here is the tags, again I don't embellish my tags as I keep them for reference and if you put a bunch of embellies than it just makes it harder to see the actual technique. Techniques included in the class were Mixed Media Layering technique, Embossing with stencils technique, stamping technique sketching technique ink monoprint technique and paint monoprint technique. Whew! That was one BUSY but fun is today's class....but THAT will be in another post! ETA I am editing in some closeups, I thought I had taken single pics of everything but I guess I figured I wasn't going to post them like that and didn't bother but here are a few and I'll take pictures in the morning and add them in in case anyone is interested. ink Monoprint technique. Paint monoprint sketching techniqe

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102

So I have been super busy the last couple of days...studying, Uh I mean playing with the Master...Tim Holtz in his Creative Chemistry 102 Class and I'm having an INKY BLAST!! So I'm sharing the technique tags I got done. If you want to know how they are done...RUN and sign up for Tim's class...believe me it's WELL WORTH IT! Tim knows how to do a class well I tell you! So here is Day one's tags We covered Distress Paint marbling, colored crackle technique, Altered surfaces technique, eroded metallics technique, Stamping resist techniques, and Industrial technique. I do not foo foo up my tags and add stamping etc. because I want to be able to look at the technique itself. BUT...I did do some other this card. And this tag...I like the masculine/feminine mix of it all. And then....I had altered a pair of jeans for my DD so they would be more "girly" and I added some butterflies (Tim's butterfly die :D) and some blingy trim she found and they looked like this But then I took Tim's class I was inspired and they turned into ...these... Better I think!! I still have a couple of today's tags to do so I'll post them tomorrow so I can get a good picture in the morning. :D! TFL!
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