Friday, February 27, 2015

I have a couple cards to share with you today

One was inspired by the fabulous Kristine Werner
And then the second version was inspired by Kristina's awesome friend Jennifer McGuire...I got to thinking I wouldn't mind trying a Kraft version and since I have seen Jennifer do coloured stamping on Kraft many times in many ways, I knew with patience I could pull it off and here is that card.
Thanks for popping in for a peek! Have a fabulously inky weekend :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My February tag for Tim's 12 tags of 2015

This is my version of Tim Holtz's tag for Feb
While I was getting into the making this tag, an idea of what I would use it for came into head. So I went a little off Tim's version of the felt heart and added the Eiffel Tower and the chit chat sticker. I didn't have one of Tim's corners so I went with what I did have. Sadly I didn't have the arrow and charm either, but it's an awesome idea I hope to one day get to use.
So here's my always I had a blast getting inky!
Thanks again to Tim for the awesome tutorial and endless inspiration you provide!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy New Year Gong Hey Fat Choy

I was inspired today by images of the Chinese New Year. This is my interpretation of the lights,colors of reds and golds and the smoke from the firecrackers. I wish those of you celebrating today a very happy and prosperous New year.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spotlight with Winnie and Walter Part Two

I have my second post in Winnie and Walter's spotlight and I think it's a fun one! I hope you will pop over to their blog to have a look at my take on making a bunch of embellishments using their stamps. You can find the post here and here's a peek at what we are making Now here are some links to things that may help you duplicate some of these things if you don't have the dies and such to make some of the embellishments Here is a Library Pocket Mirkwood Designs has a lot of other great templates as well so you may want to take a peek at their other templates offered. If you don't have a die for a small paper rose then here is how it is done without a die Paper Roses a smaller circle with a smaller spiral makes a smaller flower, experiment...I personally like a thin paper for these so you could practice on copy paper or book paper. Now for the little envelopes I simply used scraps of double sided paper that were 2."X3" and then on then I scored at 3/4" all the way around for the flaps and I cut the corners out at a slight angle but you could cut the top and bottom flaps in a triangular shape if you prefer. here's how to make a pinwheel if you've never done one! for the circles on the paper clips etc. you could hand draw your circles on the back of your paper freehand or you could trace small circles and cut out, they don't have to be perfect...rough up the edges and ink up the circles and no one will know the difference! Really just have a look at your dies and supplies, dig into that stash and start playing you'll be amazed with what you can come up with. The number one and pretty much only rule...HAVE FUN! :D

Monday, February 16, 2015

Well Hello! Exciting news today!

I would like to invite you to a special post over at Winnie and Walter's today where they have spotlighted little ole' me :D I am very honored that they chose to shine a spotlight on me.So I will ask you to kindly Pop over to their blog to see my newest projects featuring their fabulous stamps! direct jump to post CLICK HERE Now for those of you who have come from Winnie and Walter's blog to visit me on my blog...WELCOME!! I am sharing with you today how I work with the Big and the Bold series of stamps today, and how they help me to make one of a kind sentiments. I have created this list early on and I keep it updated so I will share it here today (darn handy for me also!) and I will update it as soon as W&W share the new sets with us. I go in order that the Big Bold sets were released so when you look at the list the little numbers co-ordinate with the sets that they have come from and so that is why you will often find more than one of the same word, in a row, (which is VERY handy if you ask me...I love the multiples) If the word has big behind you it indicates the bigger words of course. I constantly use this list to see if I can create exactly what I am trying to say, and if not what words I do have that can help me in creating the words I need. I hope that you too will find this list useful :D I would like to add that I am human, and therefore I am known to make mistakes, please forgive me in advance if I have made any. ETA I am sorry, for some reason blogger wanted to save space and print my list how it wanted to and did not put any of my spaces or returns in, SO....I hope this will work better I have put a JPEG of the list here, Please click on the page of the list to see the close up and please feel free to right click and save image of the list to your computer if you wish to print off a copy for your own use.
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