Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blueprint tags and other projects!

Okay I got a spurt of mojo and managed to tie up a lot of loose ends today! So first up is more of my playing with the Christmas Blueprint stamps...they were TOO fun to not play around with more than my earlier before Christmas post so here are MORE of them for you (sorry if your Christmased out LOL!)
Oh man is the scew on that ever screwed up! Sorry about that! I'm sure you get the idea...they are ordinary #8 tags and clicking on the picture should help with the details. Then I just wanted to layer and fiddle and fuss about and get inky today with a bunch of Tim's stamps and inks and such and I made can expect a similar Background to a LO one of these days! :D
And then...I managed to get a couple of LOs topped off!
Whew! I feel like I'm on a roll now... so I hope to have more to show you soon!

Tim's 12 tags of 2013

First up I am showing my tag for Tim's tag for January 2013, I did up the blueprint tags and will make a new separate post for them in a second but here is my tag for January first! I didn't have the clock embossing folders or the gear die so I used a totally different embossing folder and used Tim's Stars from his Grungeboard and used the same techniques...all except for the pointing finger on the label, I have the labels but not Tim' pointing finger and the one I did kept smudging (not a great quality stamp) and after ruining 2 labels ...I wasn't having it- besides it would have been crowded anyway. Here's my version of Tim's tag.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tim Holtz is in DA house!! Well kinda...

No I didn't get some fabulous new stash today of Timmy stuff (don't I wish!! I just love when I get new Timmy stuff!) Stay with me...this is a bit of a story. My DD and my DH play this game that my Daughter made up- it's where he interviews her all about the Bad Piggies and the Angry birds. Well the other day she wanted to conduct the interview and so she came over to me and she asked me how Tim Holtz was (LOL she sees me watching videos and she knows the inks, and she recognizes his signature and often tells me my red scissors are "his"-see his name is on them!) I said..."well, I don't know exactly- he doesn't actually talk to me- I think he is fine (sitting at my comp. I quickly jump into blog via the subscribe button and check for any nothing, all seems fine) I said " yes I think he is fine but he is VERY busy right now because it's CHA time and that is where he goes and he shows all his new products he is bringing out" I said "do you want to see?" and she says "yes" so I show her the video he did on the new distress paint line and what it does. Then she said to me- "I want you to interview me and I want to be someone you really really like"... and I say "Darling, not only are you someone I are someone I really really Love" and she says "NO, I want to be someone crafty you really REALLY like! I'm Tim Holtz!" So I start off "We are here with Tim Holtz today who has just released his new Distress paint line! so Tim tell us a little about these fabulous new paints" and she and I go back and forth with questions and answers and she says "I'm going to make you somethin'- what would you like?" "Well" I say "tags are your thing, so maybe you can make me one of those?" she says okay and she pretends to grab stuff off my desk and work away...she points to my scissors and says "Oh....those are my scissors!" I say "yes, yes they are" she says "I made them just for you you know!" "Why thank you! they are most fabulous! I use them ALL of the time" Then I thought well let's have some fun...I ask "would you like to make me a tag for real?" and she of course says "Yeah!" well wouldn't you know I am out of tags because I have been playing with my blueprint stamps (yes, I'll be sharing soon!) but I do have a stockpile of some tags that I had that I play with trying out new colors or mopping up extra product with etc and so I gave her a tag where I had tried out the Picked Raspberry Distress stain. Right off the bat she sees a new stamp set I had out and says I want to stamp those leaves" okay then...what color do you want? Green (of course...I should have known that!! LOL) so I pull down my green inks and she spots Tim's name and she says "HEY! these are my inks!" " LOL yes they are" "So which green do you want?" she picks Mowed Lawn- I think to myself well that is logical since they came from the same release LOL Then I ask her..."would you like to stamp with your stamps on your tag?" "oh that would be good!" So I pull out my binder and she picks the wood-grain stamp (good choice! love that stamp!) so I ask her what color she wants- she picks pink and so I show her the stack from the pink family and she ends up picking Picked Raspberry. I show her how to ink the stamp and I tell her "it's like you always say-ink the stamp, don't stamp the ink" I hand her the block and let her stamp off the tag (Thank heavens for the craft mat I say!) then she wants a Ticket so I show her the tickets I have and she picks the Admit one stamp then I ask what color ink she would like, this time it's her! After stamping that we then we go through my stash of flowers and she finds in there another ticket die cut and decides she wants to stamp on that one to add onto her tag and she stamps that in black and then she picks a flower that I made with Tim's tattered florals (I was thinking she would go for one of my spellbinders with Distress inks but nope-she must be a purist! :D) then she finds a butterfly I made and never used (I was trying out distress ink colors I think I went with a blue that day and so I had a couple spares) a pink and a purple- she picks the one inked with Seedless Preserves. I let her do the whole tag by herself (of course the flowers and such were pre-made but all her choices) I think she did a great job for four! So I give you..."My little Tim Holtz's" tag.
The next day she woke up and jumped on the comp. as she often does, Angry birds? Bad piggies? Nope she is onto her new fave...TIM HOLTZ! she jumps around looking at other stuff and finds his new stamps (-yes she is little but she is mighty! Don't ask me how she manages to find this stuff but she does and with a scary ease LOL!) She says "See my new stamps?" (we are still Tim as she reminds me several times that morning as I ask her stuff like "What you you like for breakfast dear" "I'm Tim!" "Sorry Tim! What would you like for breakfast TIM?") I say "Yes I did see your new stamps! they are great" (she loves the cupcake![and the camera...and the butterfly.] Well me too!what's not to love?) Then right off the bat she is wanting to play again! I try to talk her into doing it in a little while, but no go... and so I cut a piece of water color paper to a number 8 tag size and punched a whole with my hole punch and let her play with stains this time, she reminded me she wanted some colored ribbon for her first tag so we did that while we were at it. I also noticed I had forgotten to go through the finished edge inking with her so I took a piece of scrap, she practiced and then she did that also. Oh yes....LOL and like her Mommy she loves spritz and flick LOL Here's the artist working on the second tag
This is the start she made on the second tag

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two LOs

One is one I got the base done a long while ago and the other is brand new. first the older one
and now the newest LO
I SHOULD have a couple more LOs coming soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

COOL...BRAND NEW Distress ink technique!

So I was on The Little Shabby Shed blog where Kaz shared this idea in a video The quick version manilla tag or something that will take ink and getting wet well. Then mix up some really thick bubbly water (the thick foamy sort like when you run a sink for dishes) quickly dunk your tag and quickly dry with heat tool. Wait...I should add...Kaz is on the Dylusions design team and she also does a spritz on the foam and dip the tag (inked or naked) So you should check out her vids if you love the sprays! (check them out anyway!) So of course how fast did I ink up a tag to try it out?! VERY's like spritz and flick on some weird oozy acid!(See tag on right) I used spiced marmalade and barn door for this.
So then I thought I would take the idea and run with it...if distress ink...why not stain? so I took a tag and stained it up in Ocean Breeze.(tag on the Left...I know it's obvious but I want you to know which one is ink and which is stain) Well if it works for reg. stain...why not metallic? Another tag and a coat of Ocean breeze dried it and then brushed pewter metallicstain and a quick dry and then a sudsy dunk and you get this,
maybe the close up will help more!I remembered what Tim said about spritz and flick and metallic stains that the metallic would come to the surface so this time brushed pewter stain, give it a dry and ink over top (I used ocean breeze and chipped sapphire) (warning...if your inks taking on the metallic is gonna freak you out- ink your kraft sheet and use a seperate sponge or ink blending foam to add your inks. Me? I embrace the bling) and now you get this before-
better yet...try it yourself! because pictures just aren't going to show you as well as giving it a go on your own! Thanks for the inspiration Kaz!! Edited to add- Upon further play I thought...well if dylusions worked...what about Perfect pearls mist? LOL and so back at it I got! and YES! You can spritz the water with Perfect pearls mist and that also works! it's a very subtle shine but it's definitely there- now you will have to excuse the shots because actually the bad shots showed it the best! If you look at the purple areas you will see the blue patina perfect pearls mist I sprayed (you can see it on the blue also but in the picture it's hard to pick up the blue on blue
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