Wednesday, August 10, 2016

creative Chemistry 103- day 4

So I have another days worth of technique tags for you from Tim's Creative Chemistry class( still have one to do and hope to get that in by the deadline for the gallery closing. 
 So first up is the Distress Crayon smudge technique
And then I may have gotten a little carried away with the Distress Crayon Gesso Fresco technique
This one is only partially done as I had plans for it on using it on one of my day 2 tags. Then we have this
And this
And this one I wanted to try out using Watercolor paper
Just loved the look of this technique.

Okay this Distress Crayon Textured resist technique was so fun!
Is that cool or what!
This technique is called the Distress Crayon Watercolor resist technique, 

I did this as a card but will also do up a tag as I do keep my tecnique tags from class for reference.
Okay and next was this Distress Crayon Blended Background technique, I still need to add something to this one and add it to a tag...when I do I will share but here's the technique.
Alright I do have the one tag left from this day to share but my day 5 of class will just have to wait as I tried to buy Yupo for myself and a Friend but couldn't find it, but you can bet I WILL hunt it down because I loved that day of class!
 In the meantime... I wish you much I inkyness.








some leftovers

I had done the distress marker spritzed Watercolor technique from day 2 but it really needed something so this is the first water version
Thought I would do a foil edge and did the sentiment as well.
Then we have the second version
So this one I added onto a tag from the day 4 techniques!
Okay so now I feel better for catching that day up. Hope you had an inky day



Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 3 technique tags from Creative Chemistry 103

I have some more tags from Tim Holtz's newest class over at Online card Classes - Creative Chemistry 103 First up is a tag Tag from Tim's Distress Layered Collage technique
And then next up a little bit of play with texture paste coloring....I ended up LOVING this technique!
So much fun!
Next we worked with the texture paste embossing paste
And then we did a Texture paste resist technique
There was one more super fabulous technique that day but I didn't have any Distress grit paste, it is on the way to me as I write this and I will post that tag when I get the paste and do up the tag.
Seriously.....if you didn't take this class...I can't recommend it enough! Tim is just such a naturally gifted teacher!
Okay...the next post is going to be so much fun! 
As far as the arm goes...I can whip whip, but I can' t nae nae LOL, but again...not going to stop my playtime, I still have one good arm! 
Off to get inky-ER





some day 2 technique tags from Creative Chemistry 103

Yep, my shoulder is still out of commission but muscling through the pain is so worth it ....just love the results!
I couldn't even stand to cover this if I had to! Luckily I don't have too!
Next technique from day 2 is this fun one!
What fun! And last but certainly not least by any stretch of the imagination is this tag
Another really fun tag to do. I especially loved using the spray stains with this...I didn't really have much luck, because of my lack of experience with sprays in the past so I'm really thrilled with the results!
I also did the last technique with the spritzer but have to figure out what to do on top of them, so that will show up in the near future.
Until then, thank you for popping in,and now don't just sit there! Go get inky!!!




Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tim's Creative Chemistry 103

These aren't even fully completed yet becausejust getting these done this far took every bit of power I had LOL  See I injured my shoulder catching my little gal coming off the water slide....but I just HAD to play along with all the uber inspiring ideas over at Online Card classes Creative Chemistry 103 with Tim Holtz. 
Here are the techniques from Day 1 though
First DIY Ombré technique

Then Distress highlight stamping
Offset stamping- this was tough because I loved the before version but I jumped in and embraced the imperfection!
(Remember I plan to add doodads to most of these but doodad hunting was the most painful part, LOL)
Distress Washed Watercolor
Micro glaze resist
Man I could play with this one all day if I had two working arms hee heeee.
Okay so that is all of the techniques from the first day of class please be patient while I work up doing the others, and until then...go on and get inky, you know you wannnnnna
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