Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh what a beautiful mess!

Well it started off fairly neat...

But this is the beautiful mess! LOL I think she's pretty darned cute even messy...I had to put her in the tub before moving on to the presents!

On to the presents...can you find her? She's in there!

OMGosh! It's an Elmo!

Check out the cutie shoes her Autie B. gave her! We picked them out and she bought them for her. :)

It was a very fun day...she was really overloaded, LOTS of presents...put a few away for the family get together because it was just all too much I think. :) Thanks for peeking.


  1. Super cute pics Dolly? Did she run her whole hands through the whole cake? lol How cute.
    Great photos to scrap.
    Make sure she only walks with the Robeeze inside if she uses them outside she will get a hole in them. I had friends that did that then were sorry. Love the desgin you picked out.

  2. Glad she enjoyed her birthday. The cake picture tells all i think :)

  3. Nothing can make a child smile like some real cakemess ;o) She is adorable!

  4. She only got the corner of the cake really Paola.
    Thanks for the 411 on the Robeeze in our rain I doubt she will be walking much outside anyway. LOL
    TFL It was fun times!

  5. Really, really precious! Reminds me when my DD turned 1! OMG! She's 16 now! Cupcakes are too cute. My DS had a "Train" cake I made and it looked "derailed!" But in the morning when he saw it, he said, "A TRAIN!" Melted my heart. He was 3! Savor these times!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. :) LOVE the cake picture .... too cute.

  7. Looks like your little Angel had a wonderful b-day celebration! TFS those photos. Now lets see your LOs. ;-)

  8. Thanks was a great day!
    LOL Well give me a chance L and I'll do the LOs...printed out the pics...going to be a HUGE challenge as I took way to many pics LOL


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