Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All my hearts in my rows :)

Well here is all the hearts for my canvas complete! I still haven't adhered them yet and I will probably add Glossy Accents to the word Create. :) but I had to share! it looks so PURDY all together IRL...all shimmery and lovely! too bad that doesn't show on the computer!


  1. WOOHOO! You are done!! I'm not having a great day, but I have finished my hearts! I have not adhered them, and may change one or two, but I sure LOVE them!!

    I just wish I felt better, so I could have finished the cards today!!

    See you tomorrow and hoping this Fibro flare will be brief.


    PS: Your blog is awesome! Great Damask background!!

  2. Thanks Lisa
    So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, Feel better SOON!
    I may change one or two before I adhere myself. Nothing to do with Jen's fabulous techniques...I'm not crazy about the shape of my butterflies (I re-sized them so it's my own fault!) so I may redo the hearts that have them. I also want to see what else Jennifer has up her sleeve before I adhere.

  3. Great canvas. Are you Jennifer's twin?

  4. Thank you so much...
    Jennifer McGuire? (I WISH!!) LOL :)

  5. Oh my that is so lovely! TFS your lovely canvas.
    Helen -- Firenze Cards

  6. Thank you Helen! Such a fun class!! :)

  7. Your hearts are all beautiful! It has been fun seeing how different everyones canvas turned out even though we used the same techniques. It was also fun finding stuff in my stash when I didn't have exactly what we needed. Hope to see you in the upcoming Holiday Boot Camp Class!

  8. Thanks Teresa! It was a fabulous class and I loved seeing all the beautiful work too! :)


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