Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creative Chemistry with Tim Holtz

So I am taking Tim's online class Creative Chemistry! SUCH FUN!!
Day one (yesterday) we covered the chemistry behind products and why they do what they do. Interesting stuff.
Today is day two and we dove into making tags. 3 of them as a matter of fact and here they order
Tag #1

Tag #2

Tag #3


  1. Love your tags, the wrinkle-free is really stunning!

  2. All three of your tags are fantastic! I especially LOVE the stamp you used in the middle tag.

    Is it one of Tim's? It's lovely and one I know I would like and use!!

    1. Thanks Ladies!!
      Yes it is a Tim's from Artful flight (or as I think of it...the bird cage stamp LOL)
      Thanks so much for looking and the lovely compliments ladies!


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