Friday, December 21, 2012

12 tags of 2012

I'm getting a 2012 tag done on time and posting! LOL So here it is!
Now...I just got these stamps and had to put them through a good workout! and besides I thought I needed some tags -turns out I found my tags after I started in on these, but alas it was too late- I was hooked! here is what I made with them...First was the Tin soldiers
Next up was the tree-Don't you love when you are digging through your stash and find something perfect??? I found a small piece of lights and it was PERFECT for my tree!
then I started messing around with the snowflake
Then I had an idea to use my white staz on, which didn't work to great but I embellished
Before I even got these this was my idea- I didn't over embellish any of these because I really did want them to be functional but I loved the vintage lace with my Series- Blueprints of Tim's blueprints- I used Tim's Paint resist technique and then I used his spritz and flick and then I added white flicks and then I gave them a spirtz of shine, of course the pictures don't do justice to any of the bling on any of the tags I made but they are all shiny.
And individually in case you want the close up.
OH and I forgot...this is one of the 12 tags of Christmas with a feminine twist I did
So that is some of my Christmas preparations DONE! :D TFL!


  1. Those look WONDERFUL!!! I haven't done his tags in a couple of years! Need to try again.

  2. Thanks Veronica! I think I will go back and redo some too! :D

  3. Beautiful. I especially love those blue with the etched out looking designs. I came here thinking I might get some ideas for some tags for presents, but realized in a hurry that these were beyond me! LOL

  4. Thank you Gloria but these certainly are not beyond you! I have no doubt you can do them!


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