Monday, September 16, 2013

A few cards and a LO to boot!

I got a couple quick little cards done this card I did for an inspirational words challenge. I do love this stamp! This card was done for a challenge using scraps, not only are the papers scrap but the embellishment pieces were all pieces and parts in my scrapbox- when I stamp things sometimes it's not the color I wanted like the butterfly on this card or the banner piece which I had already cut for something else but it didn't work and that round embellishment was me just playing with scraps one day- I just throw this stuff into a box I have on my desk and often I'll find the perfect accent for a page or even better I will look in the box and see an awesome layer that has made itself! (LOVE that!) This card I made with the scraps from the above scrap card! That's a double bonus! and this card I made just playing around with the bat stamp...I got it after Halloween last year, there was only one and it was DIRT cheap! and haven't used it yet. I have to work on my ink colors I think but I was just playing around and my DD can probably give it to a friend. And last but not least I have a LO, it started with inspiration from Jennifer Gallagher but quickly took a right turn and went off in it's own direction (if it had just stuck with Jen's plan it would have been SO much easier! LOL) So here it is with a ton of cutting files from Kerri Bradford, Studio Calico Inked class cutting files, scrap your story, and maybe even a SIL one. FUN to do this one.


  1. Her hair is getting so long and she is such a sweet little girl now. Gosh they grow fast! I love the page Dolly!

  2. Yes, it's warp speed! I can't believe she's so tall and yes her hair is long too.


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