Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tim's 12 tags of 2013- December.

So I have a cold that was given to me at Christmas even though I said I did NOT want said cold! But I have done every month of Tim's tags and I wasn't going to let a cold keep me from rounding out my year of Tim tags!! If you want to play along you still have a couple can head over to Tim's blog to see his tutorial for his December tag of 2013 Okay, so I didn't have the poinsettia, or the holly or the stamp. STILL I was going to try to make it work for me! I used the tattered leaves and glue gunned them into a poinsettia the best I could. after I was all done it felt a little bare without ? the little cedar sprigs? so I went all Tim retro and threw on the Fabulous flourish stamp that was made popular the year he used it on every tag. (good memories!) The camera really doesn't pick up how pretty the frosted film is IRL if you haven't played with it you should! A Big huge thank you to Tim for a spectacular year of tags and 12 months of fun!! :D

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