Monday, February 16, 2015

Well Hello! Exciting news today!

I would like to invite you to a special post over at Winnie and Walter's today where they have spotlighted little ole' me :D I am very honored that they chose to shine a spotlight on me.So I will ask you to kindly Pop over to their blog to see my newest projects featuring their fabulous stamps! direct jump to post CLICK HERE Now for those of you who have come from Winnie and Walter's blog to visit me on my blog...WELCOME!! I am sharing with you today how I work with the Big and the Bold series of stamps today, and how they help me to make one of a kind sentiments. I have created this list early on and I keep it updated so I will share it here today (darn handy for me also!) and I will update it as soon as W&W share the new sets with us. I go in order that the Big Bold sets were released so when you look at the list the little numbers co-ordinate with the sets that they have come from and so that is why you will often find more than one of the same word, in a row, (which is VERY handy if you ask me...I love the multiples) If the word has big behind you it indicates the bigger words of course. I constantly use this list to see if I can create exactly what I am trying to say, and if not what words I do have that can help me in creating the words I need. I hope that you too will find this list useful :D I would like to add that I am human, and therefore I am known to make mistakes, please forgive me in advance if I have made any. ETA I am sorry, for some reason blogger wanted to save space and print my list how it wanted to and did not put any of my spaces or returns in, SO....I hope this will work better I have put a JPEG of the list here, Please click on the page of the list to see the close up and please feel free to right click and save image of the list to your computer if you wish to print off a copy for your own use.


  1. Hi Dolly loved your projects at Winnie and Walter. What a great idea to make that list ...i go through each set although i normally know what i am looking for the list would definitely save time :)
    Kate xx

  2. Thank you Kate,
    I consult the list all the time myself...I'm always trying to come up with something different to say, and with all the sets now I find it helps a great deal

  3. Awesome, Kate! Thanks so much! I loved each of your projects, too! No wonder they spotlighted you! Congrats!!

    1. Awwww....thanks so much Michelle, that is sweet of you!

  4. Popped over from W&W, Dolly ... congratulations on being Spotlighted and on such fabulous projects! Thanks for the word list ... that's such a great idea! Anita :)

  5. Hi Anita, nice to see you again! and thank you for popping in with the sweet compliments. :D
    I find the word list handy, just saves me some searching! :D


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