Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I literally WHIPPEDthis card out in less than ten minutes

I wanted to share this masking tip of using clear shelf liner/contact paper from the dollar store (I recommend you check on scrap paperto be sure it IS the removable one)
I put a piece of vs below my shelf paper also and then cut and it works great!
Here's my Quick card (so please be kind!) card to show how great it works!



  1. Great card and love the tip of using the shelf (contact) paper.

  2. Thank you Theresa...the fact that I only put one set of leaves on there in the beginning is proof that I tried to get the tip out as quick as I could for everyone! LOL

  3. What a fun card! Love the colors that you used!

  4. What a pretty card this made! Nice job on today's "homework".

  5. Thank you Adele it was just a quicky but my DD will love it in her lunch box :D


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