Wednesday, August 5, 2015

oh I have been having fun! day 3 cards

Making cards out of backgrounds from online card classes background check much fun!  So here are my cards from day 3.
These were some from Kristina.
And then a couple from Laura...I wish I had more stripes I would have done more plaids- I'm going to try to get a few more done but I have a prior engagement for tomorrow so I wanted to make sure I got to post what I did do!
So here we go
Now I have a couple from Jennifer, I have more backgrounds done so I'll try to get a few more done...I don't know why but I had more trouble with Jennifer's stud even though I had done the techniques before! So this first one I don't care for but in the spirit of keeping it real I'm showing the good and the bad.
And one I LOVE
And there you have what I have done right now. You really should head over to Online card classes if you didn't take this class because it was an awesome class!












  1. You have been busy! Love your Elephant card and the Love one the best - awesome work!

  2. Thank you Marion...I was having a blast! :D


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