Sunday, December 25, 2016

a few gifts I made for my DD

 Merry Christmas I'm taking a little rest so I can share a couple things I made for my daughter for Christmas. When my sister-n-law and I went shopping for things she could get DD for a present this year one of the things she had thought of previously was the easy bake oven,so I told her I thought it would be a great choice this year. So knowing that she was getting that I thought about the one sad thing about easy bake ovens....the come with two sets of mixes and the refills besides being expensive are hard to find this time of the year we found. This was my solution to that little problem!
Easy bake sized cake mixes...about 64 of them! 
And then surfing the net I found a lot of recipes, there were two sets over at and so I added some in...she had great printable so but my stupid printer decided to not print black. Otherwise 
I also started collecting small tools of the trade for her like this
I altered the oven mitts and have to take up the ends a bit ,but that' okay. Oh and I made a CEOs hat
Since I am on a vinyl kick I fancied up the box a bit...
Just a fun little gift I made for DD. 
And now after a few hours of experimenting and cooking up a storm with DD, getting my bird and stuffing in, I am looking forward to relaxing for 5, have a Merry Christmas all!






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