Thursday, May 13, 2010

Did a couple more LOs

I was hoping to flood my blog but it seems that mr. Mojo isn't cooperating with that idea...or perhaps it's a little girl I know conspiring with him LOL!
At any rate here's a couple I just got done...
First is one of my Little gal with her best pal at the time...Buddy Bear. At first this seemed like a silly toy to me but I soon realized how precious it was as she could clutch him when she was tiny! This was kinda marrying too styles my love for shabby distressed LOs and bright and colorful I like how it turned out.

This next one was inspired by my Aussie Buddy Trudi....I just hope I did justice to her inspiration! It's an all white (or in this case cream almost) and one color- pink LO. I was really happy with the crinkly gathered ribbon...all I did was to do a running stitch down the middle of the ribbon then I applied a double stick tape down to the LO and then put the gathered ribbon down. I liked it! :) TFL!!

So sorry...I just realized that pic of the Second LO is kinda blurry will replace it soon as I get a chance!


  1. Great work! Love the L/O's and the colours!

  2. Wow Dolly this turned out AMAZING!! The blooms and layering is absolutely gorgeous

  3. Okay that's weird...I published two comments and it shows they are here but when I click into comments there are any rate I will thank you even though they are not showing up. LOL!
    Justcallmegirlie- thank you so much!! I am partial to pinks and blues or pinks and greens so this is right up my color alley! LOL :)
    Trudi- Thank you so much! Not only for the lovely compliments but for the inspiration! :)

  4. Oh good! There you are...when I posted they showed up for me LOL! Technology (rolling eyes) got to love it! heeeheee

  5. love them both Doll!!!
    your little sweetie is so gorgeous!!!

  6. Thanks Nessa...and you know you won't get an argument out of this momma...I think she's gorgeous myself! :) TFL and the compliments!

  7. Stunning pages, my friend!!

  8. Oh thank you so much Deb!! DD makes my job as a scrapper a breeze! :)


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