Thursday, July 29, 2010

Allison Davis sketch LOs

Let me start with the disclaimer I'm not usually a sketch type gal...I do my own thing and sketches usually don't work out for me- I just don't like how they turn out for some reason... but I LOVE Ali's sketches!
I won one of Ali's Sketch books which put me over the moon. It also left me mojoless while I waited for the book to come (not so patiently) as soon as it got here I dove two days I have done these two LOs (I would have done more but I have a little gal and am left to scrap during naps LOL! Which is fine...I love my girl time with her! :) ) they are, #1 is when she first sat up...her special blankie that her Auntie Andra gave her gave her just enough weight on her legs to sit up.
#2 LO is just some pics I took because I thought DD looked cute in her little outfit one of DH's co-worker's gave to DD.


  1. Awww, so cute. Good work Dolly.

  2. Great Layouts! You have adorable picks to work with ! Nicely done!

  3. Thank you!! She's definitely photogenic...well I think so ;)

  4. Awwww shes just sooo sweet. They're fab LO's Dolly, you really used her sketches well :)

  5. Thanks Jacque!!
    Her sketches make it so easy on my brain...I like that! When I do multi-pic LOs in my own style they are always full and busy and alot of work. These get the job done easy peasy! I soooo need to catch up so easy peasy is good!
    TFL and the compliments! :)

  6. I'll find that sketches DO help! Especially the ones that just "come together" as yours have done. GREAT JOB!!

  7. Thanks Veronica!
    Usually I find sketches more of a pain than anything...I find it difficult to figure out the sizes and placement and I usually don't like them in the end. I am a creature of habit and enjoy doing my own thing but Ali's sketches are fun to do!

  8. Two gorgeous LOs! Such an adorable subject, too :)

  9. Thank you Adele....I think she is adorable! ;)
    Thanks for the compliments on the LOs also! :)

  10. great LO's Dolly =)
    she is just too cute!!
    glad to see the sketches are coming in handy =)

  11. Than you Tammy! I think she's the bee's knees! :)
    I am loving getting these pics scrapped so the sketches have come in mighty handy! Thanks again for the flowers girl! :)


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