Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another couple LOs

The first Layout is another Ali sketch...this is DD enjoying some milk with a milk mustache to boot. I have to add the journaling goes right below the flower with the Milk bottle cap. I have edited to add...Milwk is the way I say Milk to her hence the Title. LOL!

The second Layout is DD when she was teething...we can't find that little rubber duckie anywhere....bummer it was sooooo cute! I wish we had it...I have a perfect spot for it in one of my shadow boxes :(


  1. Very cute! Love the clock :D Clocks are seriously awesome!

  2. I love clocks...this is a stamp! I stamped once on the BG paper and then I put a transparency stamped with Stazon over the top.
    Thanks for the compliments and for looking Adele!

  3. loving the LO's .. hey I think I have a rubber ducky sticker somewhere around here ..

  4. these are both adorable, dolly! i can't believe that you found pp that matches her jammies exactly! [wait a minute, yes i can}. beautiful work!

  5. LOL Tammy...I'm fairly sure you do have a sticker for EVERYTHING :) Thanks for the compliments! and TFL :)

    Kelly, it's a close match eh? I actually bought the stripey paper for Highchair LOs as it's bright like that...happy coincidence that she was wearing those jammies :)
    Thanks for the compliments and peeking in to take a look!


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