Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poor lighting and I had to photoshop the pics in...and the title came out crooked but hopefully you will get the idea.
My journaling is hidden journaling that will pull out via an arrow that will point at the first 4X6 photo on the Left(it will be under the pic) and will read:
"Even at two, you have your own sense of have always LOVED Dad's hats and you wear them backwards so I got you your own hat and you wear it backwards and it looks Adorable on you!! Yep...You got style kiddo!"
I made the little owl, inked him and pop dotted him up and stuck him on a piece of Christmas foliage I had in my stash. He is in the colors of the owl on her coat.


  1. LOL You funny Nessa!
    Thanks MaryLou!!

  2. Very cute! Your little girl is getting so big! I love her curls!! :)
    (I'm a little behind in my blog reading!)


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