Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another little batch of LOs

First up is a LO of my DD just being herself. :)

Next up is a LO of DD headed out for trick or treating...not the greatest pics because of the lighting in the hall but I still love the pics! She has that look on her face like "Is this much clothing REALLY necessary??" LOL

This next LO is a very proud moment for's of DD with a magnetic alphabet set I bought her. She just loves Word World so I bought the letters for her to play with while watching her show. I sat with her and the word on the show was XRAY so I asked her for the X and she gave it to me, I asked for the R and she found that and handed it to me, same for the AY...I was a little taken aback but thought it was because she has seen the show (many times-it's her fave!)
Soon after I thought some of the letters were missing so one by one I asked for the letters of the alphabet and one by one she gave them to me correctly! SHOCKED didn't even cover how I felt...Amazed was more like it! She only started saying more words and here she knew the whole alphabet! I'm still amazed!

This last layout took a long time but was so much fun to make! It's using my PTI button Boutique stamps as frames to do a year in review LO of my DD's first year.


  1. Those are beautiful LO's and she's a precious baby girl!

  2. Wow Dolly this one is wonderful...I was wondering when I looked at it if it was digital but then read your comments about the stamp...lots of work but well worth the outcome. :)

  3. Thank Joanne! I enjoyed working on it but it was one that took a long while to do. :)


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