Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A couple LOs done.

Well I still have to print off the pics, since I was so far behind on my printing I am out of ink yet again. This first one is done with my PTI Postmark stamps, I think I have to move the metal embellie that's hiding under the pic I Photo shopped in but I will know for certain when I get the pics printed

This next one is DD enjoying a Purple popsicle or Ice Lolly.
The pic on the Left is the look you get when you ask for a's actually improving because she used to really scrunch up her face and squint her eyes just about shut too. LOL


  1. Once again, great work Dolly! And you captured the magic and happiness you and DH felt the day your baby was born so wonderfully on that page!

  2. Thanks Livia!!
    The pic of me is horrible but of course it had to be a part of the page! LOL Once again bearing my soul for my DD and happy to do it for her. :)

  3. I love the pictures on your first one, love the close up ones of dd's features, especially the one with her hand on the blanket, LO is once again wonderful...and the second on is fun, gotta love popsicles.

  4. :) Thanks Jo...Yeah you gotta love the popsicles! :)
    Alot of those shots were blurry so I cleaned them up the best I could or I blurred them further with a filter, but they are such important shots that blurry or not they had to be scrapped! TFL and commenting :)


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