Thursday, January 3, 2013

COOL...BRAND NEW Distress ink technique!

So I was on The Little Shabby Shed blog where Kaz shared this idea in a video The quick version manilla tag or something that will take ink and getting wet well. Then mix up some really thick bubbly water (the thick foamy sort like when you run a sink for dishes) quickly dunk your tag and quickly dry with heat tool. Wait...I should add...Kaz is on the Dylusions design team and she also does a spritz on the foam and dip the tag (inked or naked) So you should check out her vids if you love the sprays! (check them out anyway!) So of course how fast did I ink up a tag to try it out?! VERY's like spritz and flick on some weird oozy acid!(See tag on right) I used spiced marmalade and barn door for this.
So then I thought I would take the idea and run with it...if distress ink...why not stain? so I took a tag and stained it up in Ocean Breeze.(tag on the Left...I know it's obvious but I want you to know which one is ink and which is stain) Well if it works for reg. stain...why not metallic? Another tag and a coat of Ocean breeze dried it and then brushed pewter metallicstain and a quick dry and then a sudsy dunk and you get this,
maybe the close up will help more!I remembered what Tim said about spritz and flick and metallic stains that the metallic would come to the surface so this time brushed pewter stain, give it a dry and ink over top (I used ocean breeze and chipped sapphire) (warning...if your inks taking on the metallic is gonna freak you out- ink your kraft sheet and use a seperate sponge or ink blending foam to add your inks. Me? I embrace the bling) and now you get this before-
better yet...try it yourself! because pictures just aren't going to show you as well as giving it a go on your own! Thanks for the inspiration Kaz!! Edited to add- Upon further play I thought...well if dylusions worked...what about Perfect pearls mist? LOL and so back at it I got! and YES! You can spritz the water with Perfect pearls mist and that also works! it's a very subtle shine but it's definitely there- now you will have to excuse the shots because actually the bad shots showed it the best! If you look at the purple areas you will see the blue patina perfect pearls mist I sprayed (you can see it on the blue also but in the picture it's hard to pick up the blue on blue

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