Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Woohooo back to online card class for Background check class

We are working on just what the name would apply background techniques. I a m a day behind so I am sharing day one stuff
First up were some of Laura Bassen's ink blending techniques

Then I have some of Kristina's cool inking shares

And then we have Jennifer's fun techniques
And the last one I got done
And that's what I got done from day one of class so far. I am having so much fun getting inky as I always do Online Card classes!
IDon't know if I can do any of day 2 tonight but I will try to get it done in the morning, because tomorrow we take the backgrounds and make cards out of them😀










  1. wow, you have been so busy. lol. I love all of them. I cant stop blending and making backgrounds. i'm so glad you are enjoying the class. thanks for sharing them with us

  2. Sounds like you have been busy also Treen, I'll have to go peek in the gallery more...if I could just get to ythe making of the cards now!


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