Wednesday, August 30, 2017

a little Love ya bunches pull slider card

Funny, got this idea a while back but you know how it is, it's summer and playing with my little girl is my summer fun and keeping me hoppin'! So last night I sat down to create this idea that I have had for a little while and what I figured would be tha hardest part of said idea...the barrel.
 I got the drawing done, watercolored it with zigs and then fear set in...all I had to do was outline it but I was terrified I would mess it up, so I left it.
So this morning comes and I am surfing as I always start my day and I see Sandy Alnock using the Love you bunches set from the Ellen Hutson United we flourish set from Lawn Fawn! Now cue the Twilight Zone music because Sandy says on her video how someone should make a barrel! So of course I had to finish off my version to share it with you all and of course Sandy too!  So here it is!
The outside
When you pull on the slider
And the inside of the card (after I took the picture I stamped Love you bunches at the bottom of it as I plan to give it to my girl next week when she heads back to school.)
And there you have my version of a barrel of monkeys!
Thanks for popping in and try to make time to get inky!


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