Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fresh off the presses!

Did this Little LO of my little gal faking it....

The journaling reads....
"At first Glance one might think I have a very sad little girl on my hands, but looks can be deceiving... some little girl is more sneaky than she gets credit for! If you think she is upset then you have been DUPED and taken in by her..."
(Crocodile Tears- title)

pull out reads
"As you can see from this second photo given in evidence...she is being a BIG FAKEROONY!
You can see she is practically laughing here! Yes she knows what the waterworks do to Mom and Dad and she knows how to work us even at this young age, But Mom and Dad know CROCKODILE TEARS when we see them sweetie so you are going to have to get up a lot earlier if you think you can fake us out!"


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