Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Sweet Little Darling.

Some older pictures that I finally scrapped!! These pics make me a little teary eyed to see how small she is snuggled up to me....sniff sniff...they grow SO fast!
Sorry for the weird glare on the bottom photo


  1. Such a great the flowers! And they do grow tooooooo fast don't they! Can't wait to meet her in person ;) xo Lisa

  2. love it Doll...she is SO gorgeous :)
    yep they grow WAY to quick :(

  3. Thanks Lisa!! The flowers is what took the LO so long otherwise I could have done it way quicker! We can't wait to meet you either Lisa!!
    Thanks Nessa!! Yeah every time you blink your eyes they get a little older on you!

  4. beautiful .... love the design and colors and beautiful pics.


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