Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some LOs

I did recently
One of my little gal and her Best Bud Dad! I think she looks so cute in her dad's cap....but then again I always think she looks so cute!

DD's first taste of pink of mom's fave's. I hope they will be a fave of hers too.

An old picture of DD when she played till she couldn't play any more!

And on the subject of sleep....


  1. Great job Dolly! My favourite of the three is the All Played Out One! The font is adorable!

  2. Aw! What a cute pic in Daddy's hat. :) They layouts are all beautiful!! I love the color combo and flowers on the last layout. Did you make them (the flowers)?

  3. I love them all, but for colours and style my fav is the Snuggle Bear one. Those flowers with the bling are so perfect.

  4. Thank you so much Ladies!!
    Rhonda I made all of the flowers except it looks like the small buds on the tag on "Daddy's Little Bud"
    Mrs. Sebestyen- the font is YAHOO.
    Thanks Nessa!
    Thank you Janice...I love the one with her little flat Buddy Bear...he is in most pics back when she was little...he was a very good friend to her. (Still is she just pays him less attention now.)

  5. They are all lovely Dolly. The pic on All Played Out is priceless.

  6. gorgeous layouts Dolly ... such fabulous and fun pics too :):)

  7. Thanks Ladies...I love that too Robin...she had a ton of fun and deserved a well deserved nap! :)

  8. Oh Dolly, your 'All played out' LO is just adorable. Thats a piccy that melts a mummas heart :) Great LO's

  9. Thank you so much Jacque!! It's nice to see you in my blog!! :)TFL!


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