Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some random stuff...

So I finally got ink for my printer again...going to try not to run out of ink again...of course I can blame Allison Davis and her mom, Debbie Sanders, for that LOL! if their sketches didn't make it so fun and easy to make LOs I wouldn't need ink so frequently. :) Okay so on with the LOs.
First we have "First Smile"...just a fun little page I put together...wanted to make the chandalier. This was a pic I have scrapped in other misc. collage type LOs in the past but I wanted it all on it's own since it is one of my favorite pics...DD smiling at about a week old and then she gave me big smiles every morning after that when I came to get her out of her crib.

Next is just a couple of pictures that I needed to get scrapped...I am trying to get my books caught up so I have to go back and chronologically fill some of the gaps. I was happy how this LO turned out in the end!! Who says less is more?? Sometimes More is More!

Again this is another photo I had scrapped in my DD's first month page but never scrapped it on it's own and since it was the first time she rolled over it was important and needed it's own page so there you have it!

Next we have one of the Allison Davis (Debbie Saunders) Sketches that I did a long while ago but needed to print the pics for...I actually have quite a few more in my pile of "to print" pages on my desk.
I cut all the trees and fences with my Silhouette, everything is nice and inky too :)
This page was all about how DD pronounces the different animal sounds...she can't talk but there is just about no animal she can't make the sound for! LOL

And then we have this one...fresh off the press, it was for my final week of Ali's sketch support class, I converted the sketch to a one pager and flipped it on it's head and added many finishing touches to it...basically I had fun with it! I couldn't resist taking this pic of my DD because her hat was POPPING off LOL but she still looks adorable don't you think?? I mean how can you resist that smile?!

Thanks for looking!! Have a fabulous day and I'm sure I will have more to post real soon...I just have to sort through and more importantly I want to get some scrapping done because I just got my new sketch books- book 5,4, and 3!!! YIPPEEEE!! Here's hoping I get several dozen out of them as I did with book 6! :)


  1. oh gosh she sure has grown .. gotta love a sleeping baby eh. The farm one is super cute as well!! great work Dolly =)

  2. They are ALL adorable just like she is!!

  3. Those are ALL super!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  4. Lovely LO's, I think the roll title is very clever!

  5. Thank you both so much!! That's very sweet of you! :)


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