Sunday, August 11, 2013

Going forth...Ugly blog or not!

I decided to post today anyway. Since I finally have the "New Post" toolbar showing up I will post today after all...still I am sorry for the blog! Ug, I don't know how it fell apart and why it is SO hard to get it back it was easy enough to stick a template in there the first time around, no idea how I went from having three columns and now I only have one and a half! LOL Okay so I have been just fooling about and did some layering stuff- just for fun, nothing solid in mind! The first a card (top left) the library card will get added to a page I'm sure and the bottom piece is for a LO for sure! It's kinda nice to just play with no picture in mind, just fooling around a bit, and of course the tag will also find a home most likely on a page (though the tag and the library card could go on a card...but I'm doubting it) :D
and then next up I made up an envelope for a card and so I thought I would fancy it up and add it in to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge which was AIR MAIL... You can find them here- and so here it is Front
I did a double stamped Background stamping to both sides and then I added stamps from PTI's Postmarks. I still have to add the labels for the address and return onto it. Because I used the WRMK's envelope punch board I was able to make the envie in a verticle instead of the usual horizontal fashion...not that it makes a hill of beans but my card was a verticle and it was just fun knowing I could LOL and that is all for today, I have a couple LOs I will soon post, I'm not sure if I want to add more to either one just yet...I gotta live with them for a bit and see...after all I'm under no time restraints! :D


  1. Hi Dolly!
    Your "Air Mail" project is wonderful! I haven't tried the envelope punch (yet!). So it's fun for me to see it in use. Thank you for joining the Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge blog. And we hope to see you again next week too! ~ Michelle

    P.S. I'm not a blogging expert, but a similar problem happened to me recently. I had troubles with my layout template and I discovered that the old code was imbedded in the "widget" section. Once I deleted that, It was all good again. Hope this helps some. Happy Stamping!

    1. Thanks Michelle! As long as blogger is working for me I'll try and play next week as well :D
      Thanks for the help with the blogger as well...A helpful tip is when it says title when you are adding gadgets...put something! That way you know what's what....I have deleted my BG before and that was no fun! LOL
      Okay, now that I have spent the day out of my comfort zone battling's back to the fun stuff...time to get inky!

  2. Terrific project! Love all the polka dots and postage themed stamped throughout! Thanks for joining along with Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!


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