Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102

So I have been super busy the last couple of days...studying, Uh I mean playing with the Master...Tim Holtz in his Creative Chemistry 102 Class and I'm having an INKY BLAST!! So I'm sharing the technique tags I got done. If you want to know how they are done...RUN and sign up for Tim's class...believe me it's WELL WORTH IT! Tim knows how to do a class well I tell you! So here is Day one's tags We covered Distress Paint marbling, colored crackle technique, Altered surfaces technique, eroded metallics technique, Stamping resist techniques, and Industrial technique. I do not foo foo up my tags and add stamping etc. because I want to be able to look at the technique itself. BUT...I did do some other this card. And this tag...I like the masculine/feminine mix of it all. And then....I had altered a pair of jeans for my DD so they would be more "girly" and I added some butterflies (Tim's butterfly die :D) and some blingy trim she found and they looked like this But then I took Tim's class I was inspired and they turned into ...these... Better I think!! I still have a couple of today's tags to do so I'll post them tomorrow so I can get a good picture in the morning. :D! TFL!


  1. Wow, great job. I am in class as well and have not gotten nearly this far! The jeans look so cute and are definitely one-of-a-kind now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so's a great class eh? I'm loving it! Thanks for popping in and the compliments! :D


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