Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Surprise!! CC102 Day 3

Phew! This is me caught up on my posts! Yippee! (and yeah to my rock candy finally cracking! LOL okay so here are my tags for was distress done differently. :D Today's techniques were.... Smudge stamping, brayered stains, photo tinting, faux cracked glass, Distress glitter Rock Candy, and then Distress glittering, which I did not get to do because I don't have any colored distress glitters yet. AND...I had a blast! and I'll probably spend the evening making cards if I get a chance to get over to my table. and closeups on a couple And then the icing on the cupcake LOL Thanks for stopping in! :D


  1. Great job! These are wonderful, I'm still waiting for my crackle to dry....

  2. it does take longer than normal...took a LONG while for mine to dry also.
    Thanks for popping in and the compliment Louise! I'll be looking for your tags girl! :D

  3. Wonderful job! This is so fun to learn all these new things!

  4. I agree...Tim is such a fabulous teacher!

  5. Congrats! It was so fun to see one of your fabulous tags in Tim's Featured Gallery! Way to GO!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It was nice to find your tag in the spotlight as well! WTG to you too girl! :F


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