Thursday, November 20, 2014

Having some fun tonight...Thanks Influenster! Thanks Hasbro!!

I recently received my very first Vox box from Influenster, it was the Hasbro Junior Monopoly game, (they send the game to us free of charge). So it was our happy job to play and review the game and share our results with you here on my blog. Since I knew what the box was I told my DD that SHE had mail (remember the thrill of getting mail when you were a kid!!) and thrill it was...see for yourself! Of course an immediate family game night was in order!!(knowing this I quickly whipped together a plan to make it a little more like an event!) My daughter was so excited...she loves playing games and I LOVE that Hasbro makes games we can all play! The fact that this is a game for 6+ did not make it any less fun for DH and I either. We all had fun with it. We have a couple of other monopolies rated for kids (Despicable me monopoly and Cars2 monopoly) so when I asked my daughter, at bedtime, if she had fun she "Oh yeah!" I asked her did she like it as much as the Despicable me or Cars Monopolies and she said "more!" I asked her why and she said she liked the cat (LOL she claimed that was her piece RIGHT off the bat!) and she also liked the fun spots, the pizza place, the toy store and the zoo. Dad and I loved that DD could easily play on her own, and the game didn't lag. We are thrilled to have gotten this Vox Box to add to our Family games arsenal!! Of course this post would not be complete without a couple pictures!! Thank you Hasbro and thank you Influenster.We would love to review MORE games!! FUN FUN FUN!!

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