Sunday, August 8, 2010

A quick Layout and something special I did up.

First the quick LO not that it's not special, it is too but you'll see in a minute what I was trying to say...these pics are really old, so I wanted to get them done so I could fill up the gap in DDs first album! There will hopefully be more of these Layouts to come. :) These are two shots of DD with her Daddy on two days that were close together so I scrapped them together.The frame is a My Scrapchick cutting file.

Next up is a project I have been working on on the side, it's one of those things I just had to pick at as I needed tiny pieces, and frankly I'm not convinced it's totally finished there is a square or two I may still add to.
Here we go anyway....This is a? Shadow box? Curio shelf piece. I started by painting it red and then I crackled it...well I don't know why it didn't work so well but since it didn't crackle everywhere I took and sanded back the second coat of black paint to expose the red in spots. I was TOTALLY inspired to get this done when I finally found the Tim Holtz Lost and found's Exactly what I envisioned it to be in!! I actually have 2 to 3 more of these to do...anyway I'll just show you because the rest speaks for itself.
First the whole piece-

Next is all the close ups for you

The key represents DD holding the key to our hearts and being the "key" to the family we are. (see top with family and the Lock and heart)

Candlestick is representing DD being the light in our lives.
The little spool I hand made for the size I wanted, the spool is a spool album seen here

The colors on the dominoes represent red for DD (our heart) yellow and blue my DH and My favorite colors.

the Present charm opens to reveal a message for my DD


  1. This is so precious. Especially love the "spool" album. Have never heard of that before.

  2. Thank you so much!! I'll probably add the odd little thing here and there in it...But it is pretty much done. The spool album is something I have wanted to do for a long time. :) thank you for looking and for you usual lovely compliments! :)

  3. Dolly that is so precious. I just love it. And all the memento are so special. Great work

  4. what a precious keepsake, dolly! i love how everything has special meaning to your family. that spool album is fabulous! And i love your dominoes, too. wonderful work.

  5. Thank you so much Kelly! I had sooo much fun making this!

  6. oh my Dolly ..I LOVE it!!!! love those pics all rolled up and all the details =)

  7. OMGoodness Dolly this is simply stunning. What a fabulous keepsake. I'm sure DD will trully treasure this when she gets older :)

  8. Thank you Jacque! I hope she loves it! :)


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