Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today's upload :)

This is our Halloween LO...I had previously done a one pager with just the pics of DD standing, but I wanted all the photos in one spot so this is it. It's another Allison Davis sketch.
On a side note I have heard people say they like to have there pics printed in a shop versus at home because they are of a better quality. Um Me? Not so much the top right photo I printed off as I needed it to go horizontal not vertical (the original is hiding in the pull out tab as it is a full shot but didn't work with the sketch) At any rate the ones printed out are dark and gloomy compared to the ones I print off so I probably won't be using that store again if any to do my printing, it was my first and possibly last experience with that!'s the LO


  1. Looks Good! She is such a darling!You are using your sketch book so well!

  2. Thank you!
    I just think she's the most Darling little gal too! ;) Thanks...I love the sketch book, it's fun but all the photo editing and paper picking takes me a while LOL!

  3. I didn't realize that you did lots of photo editing too before pringting your pictures, or do you mean picking the best pictures that you have chosen to print off?

  4. I mean I re-size, do red eye reduction, crop eliminate stuff from the pic like other people or distracting items sometimes...and if I'm really energetic than I do the fun stuff like edge burns etc. But for the Ali sketches I mean the first takes about five minutes for my edit to come up in photoshop and if I haven't printed off the pics yet than the resizing can take a good hour for me...I ain't fast that's fer sure. LOL!

  5. Dolly, you've done it again! This is such a perfect layout for those adorably cute pictures. The papers are perfect, too. I like the idea of hiding the original pic behind.


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